Monday, February 11, 2013

Little Steps to a Bigger Goal

I stopped to think today about where my photography business started, and where I am at now. Obviously I would love to have more clients and be a little busier with my photography but then I realized, I am VERY busy with my photography, I just don't make money off of it sometimes. And you know what? That is completely fine!

A lot of the shoots that I have done as of late have been for free, or have been for fun for myself. And as I stop to think about it, no, I am not getting paid, HOWEVER, I am building my portfolio considerably, I am learning each time that I shoot, and I am building a client base and getting my name out there by going out and spreading my photos around.

Just today I was asked for some photos for the Red Cross. I sent them over and now they are being sent to the national level and may even be printed in national Red Cross publications. Boom. Just like that, name in print, national exposure. That alone would be excellent, especially if I ever decide to try and get a photography job with a newspaper or television station.

As I have become more and more involved with these types of shoots, I am realizing my focus is changing. While I enjoy weddings, portraits, and sports photography, I am in love with photo-journalistic shoots. Chasing a story on the police scanner and taking photos at the scene is a rush. I could deal with that every day!

As time goes on my photos will continue to improve, my understanding and knowledge of all kinds of different lighting situations will grow, and my portfolio will contain an immense amount of work, which will lead to more booking clients in the end.

So I guess what I want everyone to take away from this writing is that it takes little steps to reach the top. Don't skip steps. Take it slowly and eventually you will reach your end goal.

I leave you tonight with a photo of a man who was in a band that I have photographed often. He passed away this week, a shock to all. Take away from this that you should always photograph when you get the urge, because you never know, the memories you are capturing could be the last caught on film.

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