Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Chasing a Story

Hey everyone!

This entry was going to be about the busy photographic weekend I had, but the night quickly turned into a dramatic evening. A friend alerted me to a fire close by (my friends let me know when there are fires going on because they know I like photojournalism), so I ran out to catch the action, listening to the scanner the whole way there.

Three alarm fire. Over 100 firefighters on the scene from different towns. Firefighters had to evacuate the building because the fire became too strong and the structure was far too unsafe. Ash flying everywhere, water from multiple hydrants shooting into the smoldering building, bystanders watching in fascination and horror.

I know fires are terrible events, but there is something so gripping about them, I just can't let the opportunity to photograph one go by if possible.

I managed to get some great photos, unfortunately no flames as they were contained inside the building by the time I got there. I sent them off to the local news station as I have done so many times with fires in the area, and hope they will be published.

My friends make fun of me saying that I am going to be questioned for arson one of these days because I am always at the fires. I can't help it if I like the scanner!

Here is my favorite photo from the night and a photo of a chunk of the firefighters that were there:

So that was my excitement for tonight! I really wish that I could have a job as a photojournalist because the rush of the chase is like no other.

This weekend was quite busy as well. Friday night I had a shoot at Club 313, someone was having a birthday party and so I decided to go photograph for fun. This is one of the shots I liked the most from that night:

Saturday it was on to Wachusett Mountain. Polar Beverages had a special day going on, so I decided to take a nice drive down there and photograph the events. Unfortunately it was not what I thought it was going to be and there weren't as many people doing skiing and snowboarding tricks as I would have liked. I stayed for about and hour and took photos, but then gave up and went home. I tried stopping at different places on the way home but everything was closed.

Finally Saturday night I went to a bar called Duke's and photographed Max Voltage, a band that my ex-husband's uncle is in. I have done photos for them in the past, and they needed new updated shots, so I headed on over to the bar and took shots for a few sets.

Here are a couple of photos from the night. I have an in house shoot with them soon as well so some good photos should come from that.

It was a busy weekend and was capped off by a busy night tonight, and I wouldn't have it any other way! I may not have made any money from these shoots, but the experience gained and portfolio work I have added makes up for it.

For now, live long and photograph.

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  1. Captain Hank Martineau in the pic, great firefighter/instructor