Saturday, February 9, 2013

Is it Ethical?

After photographing that fire the other night, I stopped to think. Is this really ethical? Is my excitement over a news story to photograph bordering on unethical if it is a tragedy?

I talked this over with a good friend the other day and he made a valid point. There are a lot of people who have jobs and get paid to work depending on other people's misfortune such as firefighters, doctor's, and people that do clean up after disasters. While this is true, I do not get paid for the photos that I so hastily run out to take. I do not work for a newspaper or a magazine, I do it to build my portfolio. I do not take pleasure in the fact that someone is losing their home but I do enjoy taking the photos. (And to be clear, I do NOT start fires to get photos, I am just a scanner junkie!)

What do you think? Is it ethical for me to go to the scene of a fire or a standoff just to get photos?

Now on a happier note!

Good things are coming soon. I have a shoot in a few days with my Uncle-in-law's band Max Voltage, another shoot for the Mr and Miss Queen City Icon pageant, a shoot for the Red Cross for the Heroes Breakfast.

I am hoping to book at least two weddings for this year, but it's a hard market to get into. There is a lot of great competition in this area and I don't quite have a client base built up. I am so grateful for all of the clients I have had so far. They have all been amazing, and word of mouth has been my best advertising avenue.

I am always looking for new clients and new gigs, so if you know anyone, send them my way!

I spent a few minutes photographing my son blowing bubbles yesterday. Who knew you could get neat photos from that?



I hope that you have all been safe this weekend with all of the snow. I was hoping to go out and get some photos, but there was no way I was traveling on the roads. So I took some from my porch instead. :)


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